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Dated: Sep 12,2009
TDAP Requires Consultants
Dated: Sep 04,2009
Join TDAP in 10th Western China Int’l Economy and Trade Fair
Dated: Sep 02,2009
Join TDAP To Increase Exports
Dated: Aug 24,2009
Dated: Aug 13,2009
Trade Policy Speech 2009-10
Dated: Jul 28,2009
Publicity Through TDAP's Exporters Directory
Dated: Jul 27,2009
Re-Scheduling of Expo Pakistan 2009
Dated: Jul 16,2009
Pakistan single country exhibition- Libya
Dated: Jul 15,2009
Join TDAP in Heimtextil Russia
Dated: Jul 15,2009
Join TDAP in Magic Show-USA
Dated: Jul 06,2009
High level buying mission from South Africa
Dated: Jul 04,2009
CBI’s Export coaching programme (ECP) on fresh fruits and vegetables.
Dated: Jul 04,2009
SRO for Export of Flour
Dated: Jun 27,2009
Join TDAP in fime show-USA
Dated: Jun 26,2009
Lifting of Ban on import of Poultry and Poultry products from Pakistan
Dated: Jun 09,2009
Join TDAP in Marmomac Verona-Italy
Dated: Jun 03,2009
Join TDAP in Cismef Guanzhou - China
Dated: Jun 03,2009
Corrigendum for EOI- Commission of a Study
Dated: May 29,2009
Situation Vacant in TDAP
Dated: May 16,2009
Workshop on Basic Awareness on Export Procedure at Abbottabad
Dated: May 15,2009
Join TDAP in Trade Caravan
Dated: May 15,2009
Join TDAP in Expo Riva Schuh- Italy
Dated: May 13,2009
Situation Vacant in TDAP head office
Dated: May 13,2009
Situation Vacant in TDAP's Regional Offices
Dated: May 13,2009
Join TDAP in Techtextile- Frankfurt Germany
Dated: May 07,2009
TDAP seeks cooperation of diplomatic corps for export growth
Dated: May 07,2009
Space on Rental Basis for Office
Dated: Apr 28,2009
Termination of the Anti-Dumping Duties
Dated: Apr 16,2009
Join TDAP's Trade Delegation to Maldives
Dated: Apr 09,2009
Pakistan Single Country Exhibition, Toronto-Canada.
Dated: Apr 08,2009
Cool Chain and Cold Storage for Horticulture Products
Dated: Apr 07,2009
Join TDAP in Tutto food-milan Italy.
Dated: Apr 02,2009
TDAP and USAID join hands for trade development and export promotion
Dated: Mar 31,2009
Join TDAP in Project near east, Amman-Jordan
Dated: Mar 27,2009
Join TDAP in Medica, Dusseldorf-Germany
Dated: Mar 27,2009
Join TDAP in hotel show, UAE
Dated: Mar 27,2009
Join TDAP in 15th Azerbaijan Int'l food exhibition
Dated: Mar 27,2009
Join TDAP in bycle and motorcycle exhbition, Italy
Dated: Mar 27,2009
EC Decision to ban dimethyl fumarate in consumer products.
Dated: Mar 26,2009