Export Strategy


Export Strategy

  • The new strategy is based on a two-pronged approach, namely:

    • Products/Services.
    • Markets.

  • Achieving value-addition through

    • Investment + R&D + Technology + Skill Development.

  • Assist SME’s to cross over the threshold.

  • Prioritize and provide opportunities for better use of resources.

  • Create opportunities for increased market share through incoming/outgoing delegations focusing on bringing buyers to Pakistan.

  • Broaden the present narrow export base.

  • Moving on thirteen (13) new product development projects, i.e. Marble, Mango, Agro Food, Dates, Carpets, Leather, Gem & Jewelery, etc.

  • Research & Development activities pertaining to market & product development.

  • New products & services with greatest export potential identified; Besides these, TDAP will continue the efforts to increase the traditional exports of Pakistan e.g. Textile, Clothing, Carpets, Surgical goods, Sports Goods, etc.

  • New Markets
    There is slow growth in demand in traditional markets of US & EU. Hence, TDAP’s increased focus on increasing market share of Pakistan exports in new Asian Markets especially Russia, China, India, and in Africa.

    To carry forward this mission successfully, implementation of the New Export Strategy was imperative. The first agenda item was thus the re-organization of TDAP, whose principle features are:

    • Product divisions to develop export potential of Pakistani products through four divisions, namely:

      1. Agro Food
      2. Textile & Clothing
      3. Minerals & Metals
      4. Engineering & Manufacturing.

    • Services Division: To develop exports of Services Sector.

    • Marketing Divisions: To develop strategy for increasing market share for better understanding of major markets, through market analysis, competitor analysis, and seeking best business practices, the following divisions were created

      1. Asia Pacific Division
      2. Europe Division
      3. America Division
      4. Africa Division