Pakistani Kinnows

Pakistani Kinnows

Pakistani Kinnows

Requirements for the Export of Agro-Commodities

  • Plant Quarantine and Phytosanitary ‎Requirements :

    • Phytosanitary Certificate issued by Department of Plant Protection after fulfillment of Import Conditions of the importing countries.
    • Mandatory Phytosanitary Treatments (Fumigation, Hot Water Treatment, Cold Treatment, Vapour Heat Treatment etc) ‎in case the importing countries ask for such additional conditions.
    • Sourcing of agro-commodities from pest and diseases free areas of production.

  • Food Safety Compliances:

    • Maximum Residual Limit (MRL) testing for pestide residues, aflatoxin and trace elements from the certified laboratories.
    • In case any agro-commodity is to be exported first time to a country then the Department of Plant Protection, Government of Pakistan, being the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) of Pakistan under the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), will take up the case with the NPPO of the concerned importing country through the commercial offices of TDAP for grant of market access.

Documents Regarding Pakisani Kinnows

CRA for Pakistan Kinnow
CRA providing special concessions for Pakistan kinnow exports
Indonesia-Pakistan PTA (IP-PTA)
MRA Signed Agreement
New -Indonesia offer list Regulation
SRO_741(1)2013-Pak offer list
SRO_1485(1)2012 ROO-IP PTA.PDF