REX System Updates
  • TDAP is registering exporters into the REX System. Over 2,000 exporters have been registered till December 12, 2017.

  • Effective January 1, 2018 TDAP will stop issuing Certificate of Origin/ Form-A for exports to the EU (28 countries), Switzerland, and Norway.Thenceforth, only REX-Registered exporters will be authorized to issue “Statement on Origin” for their export consignments destined for EU, Switzerland, and Norway. Accordingly, all exporters to the EU, Switzerland, and Norway are advised to get their companies registered under REX latest by December 30, 2017.

  • Important reference documents for guidance:

  • 1. For speedy registration to REX, exporters are requested to send their REX Application Forms duly completed online using the Pre-Application Process in accordance with the procedure explained in the document "Simple Steps for Registration to the REX System" available on this page under “Downloads”.
    2. For guidance on main terms applicable to REX registered companies in Pakistan please refer the document “Main Terms for REX Companies” available on this page under “Downloads”.
    3. For guidance on countries for which “Statement on Origin (SOO)” can be issued by REX-Registered exporters and prescribed “Text” for the SOO, please refer the document “Countries for which Statement on Origin can be issued and its Text” available on this page under “Downloads”.
    4. For guidance on “Working or Processing Operations which confer Originating Status” please refer this document available on this page under “Downloads”.

  • Important Links toEU’s “REX System”for use by Pakistani exporters: (Use ctrl+click on the URL, or copy-paste the URL in your browser to access the web pages)

  • 1. Online “Pre-application Form” for registration to REX system:
    2. View an exporter’s data displayed on EU website: (Click “REX system” under “Online Services”, then enter “TIN” or “REX Registration Number” to validate)
    3. View information on the Registered Exporter system (the REX system) displayed onofficial EU website: