REX System Implementation

REX System Implementation

  • On December 31, 2017 Pakistan has completely switched over to the REX system. Accordingly, effective January 1, 2018 TDAP has stopped issuing Certificate of Origin/ Form-A for exports to the EU (28 countries), Switzerland, and Norway. Now only REX-Registered exporters are authorized to issue “Statement on Origin” for their export consignments destined for EU, Switzerland, and Norway.

  • However, registration under REX remains open and the TDAP is continuing to register exporters into the REX System. Around 6,100 exporters have already been registered under REX till October, 2018. Accordingly, all exporters to the EU, Switzerland, and Norway not yet registered are advised to get their companies registered under REX.

  • Important reference documents for guidance:

  • 1. For speedy registration to REX, exporters are requested to send their REX Application Forms duly completed online using the Pre-Application Process in accordance with the procedure explained in the document "Simple Steps for Registration to the REX System" available at Sr.1 under “Downloads”.
    2. For guidance on main terms applicable to REX registered companies in Pakistan please refer the document “Main Terms for REX Companies” available at Sr.2 under “Downloads”.
    3. For guidance on countries for which “Statement on Origin (SOO)” can be issued by REX-Registered exporters and prescribed “Text” for the SOO, please refer the document “Countries and Text for Statement on Origin” available at Sr.3 under “Downloads”.
    4. For guidance on “Rules of Origin” for EU’s GSP scheme and “Working or Processing Operations which confer Originating Status” please refer to documents available on this page at Sr.4 and Sr.5 under “Downloads”.
    5. For detailed guidance on key aspects of the REX system please refer to “REX Operational Guide” available at Sr.6.

  • Important Links for the “REX System”:

    Please click on links below to access the web page:

  • 1. To access online “Pre-application Form” for registration to REX system
    The pre-application webpage
    2. To view an exporter’s data displayed on EU website:
    Validate REX numbers then enter your company’s “TIN” or “REX” number and click respective “validate” button. Click “+” signs to see complete registration data.
    3. To view REX system information displayed on official EU website:
    The Registered Exporter system (REX system)