Women Entrepreneur Section is a part of the Facilitation Division at the TDAP. This Section has been instrumental in facilitating and promoting women entrepreneurs since last many years. The main aim is to support women entrepreneurs in meeting the requirements of local and international marketing through promotion and facilitation so that opportunities could be created for aspiring women entrepreneurs to expand and grow.

In order to help Pakistani women exporters to retain competitive edge in the traditional markets and to explore new opportunities, the Women Entrepreneur Section lays emphasis on improvement of quality, adherence to time line and emphasizes best business practices. Modernization and innovation in Pakistan’s export drive is something, the Section stresses upon, as the competition in the international markets has intensified.

Some of the major projects undertaken by the Section are organizing of a series of seminars on the topic ‘basic requirements of exports’ and “How to start a business” at small and large cities of the country. Furthermore, to boost the Pakistani Handicrafts /Craft Sectors (which is mainly the source of income of women entrepreneurs of our rural and underdeveloped area,) the Women Entrepreneur Section has also organized a series of handicraft exhibitions at the major cities of Pakistan. WEXNET ‘2010 is also a big example which was organized at the Expo Centre, Lahore this year and which is a mega platform for women entrepreneurs from all over Pakistan to interact in trade activities and exhibit their products in an international scenario.

Similarly, this Section of the Facilitation Division, has sent women delegations representing different women chambers in many traditional and non-traditional international markets. These delegations were specialized in handicrafts, garments, Jewellery, pharmaceutical etc. It is pertinent to mention that women are also included in all general delegations sent abroad by TDAP and women entrepreneurs have been subsidized and made a beneficiary of all the programs being undertaken by TDAP. The Women Entrepreneur Section has been active in providing financial support to different fashion designers to participate in the reputed international fashion shows and fairs. This Section has developed a database of all women entrepreneurs of Pakistan in consultation with all major chambers, and trade associations of the country. This database will help promote smaller units of women entrepreneurs to grow into medium sized and push medium sized units through marketing efforts to grow into large sized units. Also, a women entrepreneur’s directory was published, conducting women-only exhibitions and entrepreneurial skills training programs.

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