08 Apr
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Trade Facilitation during COVID-19
Webinars In Collaboration With Foreign Missions & Embassies

Export Potential of Surgical Instruments and Sports Good: These webinar would be organized in collaboration with respective associations / top companies (limited to Covid realities) TDAP will organize 04 webinars country-wise (based on analytics) wherein our top respective companies would share the business opportunities with international audience in collaboration with Commercial Section / Embassy

Video Library By Making A Youtube Page Of TDAP

The latest self explanatory video presentations from sector experts (like TED) would be made and uploaded on TDAP`s youtube page. Besides sectoral briefs, Motivational campaigns and success stories can also be uploaded (like Forward sports etc subject to the approval by TDAP

Training Of TDAP Officers

Trade Sift, GTAP, Trade Foresight, Project Management, E-Commerce, Enhancing Policy Co-ordination on Trade & Environment Issues, Business Intelligence for Competitive advantage, Negotiations skills, Presentation skills etc.

E - Brochures

E&M Division will develop E-Brochures of all the respective sectors having trade figures, strengths of our sectors for international buyers, opportunities available etc.

TDAP and IPO Partnership

TDAP on its own or preferably in partnership with IPO will do awareness seminars / webinars and  meetings with academia / IPO etc for issues related to R&D / IP protection / Development of Patents

Support To The Activities Of Other Entities

It is proposed that TDAP may support the functioning of other organizations that are also contributing in exporting sectors like EDB, SMEDA, IPO and help them with required resources including financial support

E-meeting With Relevant Stakeholders

E&M division would arrange E-meeting with stakeholders of all the relevant sectors in order to develop / modify the roadmap in consultation with trade. The objective is to create a bridge between TDAP and all stakeholders in light of Covid-19

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