TDAP Organogram

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TDAP has the mandate of developing trade and enhancing exports. As successor organization to the erstwhile EPB, the present structure of TDAP reflects the provisions of a diverse structure with new vision and takes into consideration the role of Marketing, Products, state of the art technology for both the management of the organization and the stakeholders..

TDAP’s structure as an organization has evolved overtime, keeping in mind realities and challenges of present day and age which require both market and product focus. As a result, area specific marketing divisions (Asia Pacific, Europe, America /Africa) were created which are responsible for developing strategy for increasing market share in existing markets as well as explore opportunities in potential markets. While, products and services divisions (Agro-food, Textile & clothing, Minerals and Metals, Engineering & Manufacturing and Services) were created to assist exporters to develop the export potential of their products.

TDAP’s head office in Karachi and regional and sub regional offices across the country and through the Commercial Officers posted in Pakistan Missions abroad help it to achieve its mandate and responsibilities.

The critical asset of an organization is unquestionably its people. It is the commitment of employees that helps the organization translate its vision into quality products and real services that it provides to its clientele i.e Exporters.