TDAP Programs with Women Entrepreneurs
  • TDAP has been facilitating and promoting women Entrepreneurs since its inception.
  • TDAP’s  main focus is to assist WEs meet requirements of local and international markets in terms of product and promotion.
  • TDAP has supported women entrepreneurs’ participation in international exhibitions and fairs.
  • Participation of WEs’ is permitted in all product categories.
  • There is a 15% quota for selection of women entrepreneurs and new exporters in exhibitions and fairs.
  • Women entrepreneurs’ pay 50% of the normal stall charges.
  • WEXNET is a platform that provides women with opportunities to meet requirements of domestic urban consumer enabling them to:
  • Exhibit their products,
  • Network with each other,
  • Learn from mutual experiences, and
  • Form collaborations and partnerships for sharing benefits.
  • In 2001, TDAP (formerly EPB) created WEXNET, as a network for women exporters.
  • Is holding it ever since on a regular basis at Karachi and Lahore on alternate basis.

9th Edition of WEXNET was organized at the Expo Centre, Lahore (Dec 4-6, 2015):

  • Provided  a mega platform for women entrepreneurs from all over Pakistan to interact in trade activities and exhibit their products in an international scenario.
  • Enabled more than 300 women entrepreneur from across Pakistan to showcase their products.
  • The exhibition was a unique opportunity for Pakistani women to exhibit their products under one roof.
  • WEXNET recognized as the only national level exhibition for women entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

To develop Women Entrepreneurship, particularly in the area of trade & industry and enhancing commercial activities within women entrepreneurs.

  • TDAP supported exhibitions cum training workshops for women entrepreneurs on:
    1. Basic requirements of exports
    2. Product development
    3. Supply chain management
    4. How to start business, etc.
  • TDAP has developed a comprehensive database of more than 400 women entrepreneurs of Pakistan in consultation with:
    1. all major women chambers
    2. associations
    3. trade wings
    4. commercial offices.
List of Prominent Entrepreneurs
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