Vision and Mission

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The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) will develop and promote export holistically, through focus, synergy, and with collective wisdom and counsel of its stakeholders. In addition to aggressive , innovative, and proactive marketing and promotional efforts, it will achieve the objective of rapid export growth through interaction and coordination with respective public and private–sector stakeholders, and enhancing value of products and services by broadening the export base of our products; enhancing capability and capacity of the supply base of goods and services; by fostering supportive export culture and facilitation; and by encouraging export oriented foreign investment and joint ventures.

TDAP will also help improve market access through advising the Government on matters of trade diplomacy and promoting the “business” image of Pakistan in the key export markets for Pakistani products and services, the world over.

TDAP’s mission is to achieve a quantum-leap in Pak export. To fulfill such a mission, TDAP shall employ the right skills and competencies, professional management techniques, advanced international marketing strategy backed by competent market research and trade analysis, supported by use of latest technology.

TDAP will engender a high level of motivation amongst its staff as they see themselves embark on upwardly mobile career paths within a TPO environment. It will persuade them to significantly enhance their capabilities and skills, and thus assure their personal growth along well-defined career paths. TDAP would thus strive to achieve a role model status for a TPO in the Developing Countries.