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HS Code (6 Digits) Product Description Annual Production Production Capacity (Units)

Any 5 International / National Certifications (if applicable)

Certification Name Attach Certificate

Number of Employees

Value of Machinery / Assets

Annual Certified Export of last three years. (Verified by the bank)

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Applications after due date or without valid Pay Order / Bank Draft will not be entertained
  2. The form should be properly filled in and verified
  3. Wrong and incomplete information may lead to disqualification
  4. Visa recommendation letters will be issued only to Authorized Personnels of the companies
  5. Once an applicant’s selection is confirmed, the participation fee shall not be refunded
  6. In case of Single Country Exhibition, participants should provide top quality products in appropriate packing (Weight will be decided by the TDAP as per policy)
  7. For more details, Guidelines for Participation in International Trade Fair may please be perused on TDAP’s website (click here to view pdf file)