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Trade Development Authority of Pakistan

Business Process Outsourcing

The BPO sector in Pakistan has many of the fundamentals in place to drive fast growth. In the last decade, the sector has experienced steady growth, with opportunities remaining despite heightened competition from existing and emerging destinations.

As the sector – domestically and globally – transforms and faces numerous pressures, some compelling assets for Pakistan include the availability of young, affordable talent, a growing population – English-speaking and with accents suited for the industry, cost arbitrage advantages and improved security conditions. Additionally, financial attractiveness, existing market entry to major importing locations, and investments from the United States of America in upgrading BPO capacity in Pakistan are strengths to be leveraged.

The BPO services strategy will tackle some of the key challenges such as investor risk perception, and lack of research and market insight to accelerate growth and competitiveness. Continuous government reforms irrespective of political changes will also create the trust foreign capital and foreign buyers seek to invest in Pakistan and import BPO sector services from Pakistan.

Moving from basic customer support services to high-end BPO services, which depend on a steadily increasing technically skilled labour force, will be the focus of this BPO services strategy. Pakistan’s industry needs to gear up the workforce and move up the value chain with skilling for higher-order tasks and complex problem-solving abilities, and offer greater customer satisfaction.

Through this strategy, national institutions and the private sector foresee the BPO sector to:

‘Be a global knowledge services powerhouse that provides world-class and innovative services, driven by skilled talent, great customer experience and a focus on sustainability.’

The Strategy emphasizes the following strategic and operational objectives: