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Trade Development Authority of Pakistan

Services, Halal & New Opportunity Development Division

“Services sector of Pakistan contributes 61.40% to Pakistan’s GDP and it is expanding day by day. With 64% of the population younger than 30 years, the services sector has a promising outlook. It has been transforming an agrarian economy to a knowledge based economy.

The country has the 4th largest freelancers’ population in the world and its 173 HEC recognized universities are pouring more than 73,000 professionals in the market thereby expanding the base for the services industry.

ICT, Other Business Services, Government services, Transport, Travel and Tourism are the major sub-sectors of Services of Pakistan.

Pakistan has exported worth of 7.3 Billion USD services in FY 2022-23.

Exports Outlook

Transport Services

894 M US$

Govt Goods & Services

1,107 M US$

Business Services

1,549 M US$

Construction Services

36 M US$

Travel Services

974 M US$

Financial Services

61 M US$

Personal, Cultural, & Recreational Services

15 M US$

Maintenance & Repair Services

3 M US$

Telecommunication Services

2,593 M US$

Insurance & Pension Services

61 M US$

Charges Of Intellectual Property Services

12 M US$

Other services

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