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Trade Development Authority of Pakistan

Fruits and vegetables

Pakistan is among the largest producers of horticultural products in the world. The fruits and vegetables sector is an important direct and indirect contributor to growth and exports. The country is well equipped to achieve export success through its natural and traditional endowments, as well as the private sector’s widespread commitment to quality.

Growing and modernising the agriculture sector represents a considerable opportunity for smallholder farmers, especially women, economic empowerment. Given its high employment and spillovers potential, a thriving horticultural sector would have a profound socioeconomic impact, also contributing to rural development.

This fruits and vegetables sector strategy focuses on increased exporting through improved yields, capacity building in good agricultural practices, and developing infrastructure to reduce post-harvest losses. The strategy aims to gradually increase production of fruits and vegetables that have global demand, strengthened traceability and compliance with international quality and food safety requirements and improved connections with high-potential markets. It will also increase efficiency and sustainability in natural resource usage and secure a sustainable income for rural populations.

With this strategy, Pakistan’s fruits and vegetables sectors’ vision is to be:

‘A modern F&V sector to better cater to the needs of international markets, in terms of quality, quantity and sustainability.’

The Strategy emphasizes the following strategic and operational objectives: