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Trade Development Authority of Pakistan

Processed food and beverages

The food processing industry is considered one of the most promising sectors for not only domestic industrial development, but also export growth. Benefiting from abundant agricultural resources, Pakistan is well positioned to develop its food processing industry, especially its agroprocessing segment, capitalizing on the diversity of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Boosted by an expanding urban middle class with rising disposable incomes, sales of packaged food in Pakistan have surged in recent years. The dynamism of the processed food industry nevertheless has the power to encourage more food processors to establish operations in Pakistan and allow to better cater to the domestic demand for packaged food with a strong import substitution potential.

Fast-paced processed food and beverages sector development requires key reforms from policymakers to create an enabling business environment so national firms can respond to local demand while building their ability to respond to international target markets. The processed food and beverages sector Strategy will focus on facilitating provision of raw materials, improving food safety controls, and reinforcing sector branding in order to provide a solid foundation for industry growth.

Strategic development of the processed food and beverages sector in Pakistan will increase the quantity of local raw materials for exporters to be able respond to market demand and promote Pakistan’s image abroad.

With this strategy, processed food and beverages sector’s vision is for Pakistan to be:

‘A competitive processed food and beverages industry, driven by quality and technological innovation.’

The Strategy emphasizes the following strategic and operational objectives